Color Boost | Balayage + Shadow Root + Color Melting

Indulge Color Boost_Nov17.jpg

We’d try a lot to have beautiful, just-left-the-salon hair without having to spend hours getting a retouch every week, AMIRIGHT? The latest color techniques were designed with us in mind: between work, kids, responsibilities at the house and hitting the gym (nothing like a new year’s resolution, right? J), we lead pretty busy lives, but that shouldn’t mean we have to sacrifice hair with great depth and dimension. Say goodbye to colored stripes of the past and enter balayage, shadow root and color melting: the newest and hottest hair color techniques to hit the industry. Each their own unique evolution of the ombre, these techniques are all about low maintenance simplicity while still maintaining a high-end yet effortless look.


If there were a ‘break the internet’ of hair color, balayage is it. The first technique to pull away from stripy highlights of the past to a soft, sun-kissed look, ‘balayage’ is a French word that means, ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint.’ The technique is a combination of sorts between highlights and ombre - done freehand and the process is done not with foil – but plastic wrap, which is far more malleable and thus creates a softer, more forgiving look. Balayage is completely bespoke – tailored exactly to what your #hairgoals are, whether you’re looking to incorporate a funky color, make your blonde hair even blonder, or simply add a bit of dimension to your warm tone. This technique is great for lengths as short as a pixie to long as waist-length and beyond.


Shadow Root is an edgy, on-trend result more than it is a color technique. It embraces the strong dichotomy between a dark natural base color and a dynamite color job – usually much lighter than the root creating the appearance of a shadow. The difference between a shadow root and a traditional highlight, though, is that it employs the balayage technique to create a gradient rather than a harsh, blunt color line. This look is very ‘it-girl,’ so if you want to make a statement, shadow root it is!


Similar to balayage and using a concept similar to contouring in makeup application, color melting creates an even more fluid, subtle highlight incorporating at least three colors. The technique offers less of a blunt pop of color and more of a color gradient – creating a seemingly effortless fade – or melt – from your natural color into the lightened color. The result: a soft, warm finish… and because we apply color vertically rather than the horizontally, there’s no defined line where natural color ends and the highlight begins, so you don’t need to be concerned with the appearance of grown-out color before your next visit.


Ready for a fresh look for your locks? We can’t wait to use one of these awesome cutting-edge techniques to glam up your look! Book with one of our colorists at Indulge Salon + Skin in Whitefish Bay today: (414) 431-3155.