How to talk to your stylist 101


We can’t count enough strands of hair on our heads for the number of times a client has walked through our doors, shuffled to our chairs and excitedly blurted out her/his dream hair style... #HairGoals if you will.  We want to help you get there. In order to do so, we’re offering you a short list of the do’s and don’ts when talking to your stylist.


·      DO your research. We’re visual people, so we LOVE photos. While we do our best at Indulge Salon + Skin to stay on top of all the latest hair trends, we may not be familiar with the one you’re going for.  The more information you can gather about a specific cut or color technique, the better!

·      DO: be flexible and realistic with your goals. If you walk in with black or very dark brown strands, you’re simply not leaving blonde in one sitting without completely traumatizing your hair (which we will not do). Similarly, if you bring a photo of Queen Bey as your hair-spiration but you have very fine, short hair, be patient. It’s going to take awhile to achieve that goal.

·      DO: be honest with yourself and with us about how much time you have to a) style your hair daily and b) maintain the cut/color. Celebs can have entire teams of stylists working on their look; for most of us, that’s just not possible. We can adapt the look you’re going for to be more low- to medium-maintenance.

·      DO ask questions. Clarify your vision. Collaborate with us. We’re your biggest advocates!

·      DO invest in the right products to help you maintain the ‘just left the salon’ look (yes; it’s possible!). There’s no better feeling than confidence! We want you to strut your stuff and love your look in the weeks and months between appointments.

·      DON’T say you want “x number of layers” unless you want your hair to look like a staircase.

·      DON’T use stylist lingo unless you fully understand what these terms mean. (See: “DO your research.”)


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