A guide to vacation-proofing your skincare routine

Many of us are heading off on our annual summer vacay in the coming weeks before (gasp!) school’s back in session. Our skincare expert has gathered her top tips for vacation-proofing your skincare routine (preview: don’t change a thing! Keeping it consistent with your day-to-day routine will ensure there are no disruptions).

Before you travel:

  • Exfoliate! Doing so will allow your skin a head start on your R&R time by clearing out any congestion that might’ve built up with your early-summer skin exposure.
  • Moisturize. Give your skin a healthy, radiant base by keeping it amply moisturized.
  • Plan ahead. Stock up on travel-size products. Not finding what you need? Purchase small travel-size containers that you can transfer your products into. Also notable when looking ahead? Pack enough SPF to cover reapplication between your morning walk, pool/beach time and dinner.
  • Lip balm. Easily forgotten, your lips are especially vulnerable to sunburn. Be sure that that product you bring has at least 20 SPF to keep your lips soft and hydrated.


Past the security check point:

  • Drink up, buttercup! Keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water is critical.
  • Apply moisturizer (yes, again). Lock in the hydration so the dry, recycled air thousands of feet above ground doesn’t dry you out.


While you’re enjoying your umbrella-laden beverage poolside:

  • Keep your cleanse and moisturize routine, but forego intensive exfoliation.
  • SPF, SPF, SPF. On your face AND on your body. Then reapply. Then reapply again. Even with SPF on, you can get some good color. The most important thing, though, is that you’re not leaving yourself fully exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.
  • If you get a little too much exposure (surprise, surprise), treat yourself with a cooling masque from Dermalogica or some aloe vera to both give you some relief and kickstart the healing process.


If you need a little help along the way or some premiere products in travel sizes, stop in to Indulge Salon + Skin in Whitefish Bay. Safe travels, beauties!