How to get hair that has people thinking you just left the salon

How to get hair that has people thinking you just left the salon

It’s a wonderful feeling, leaving the salon after getting a fresh new ‘do… the feeling (we presume) of being the subject of a fancy shampoo commercial. So why leave it to your monthly, quarterly or even semi-annual visit when you can replicate the look and (close to) the feeling at home?

Our resident expert Tracy weighs in on how to make that happen with just four easy tips.


Tip 1: Much like good make-up starts with healthy skin, fresh styles start with healthy hair. High-quality shampoos and conditioners contain a high concentration of ingredients that are beneficial to your hair. Though some drugstore brands boast including many of these ingredients, they’re often low in volume and also include damaging chemicals and fillers that can dry your hair out, making it brittle and dull.

Product lines we love: DevaCurl, Oribe and Davines


Tip 2: Perhaps the most overlooked tool in all those in our arsenal, the hairbrush we use daily plays an important role in cultivating healthy, shiny locks. Bristles in a quality hairbrush are designed to be heat resistant. There’s no question we need heat to create the volume we seek. Using a blow dryer with a cheap brush can cause plastic bristles to melt, damaging our hair. Surprisingly, the handle is also an important component. To avoid frizz, we need the brush to maintain tension with our hair. A silicone handle helps us maintain firm control while preventing fatigue.


Side Note: Ceramic? Tourmaline? What does it all mean?

·      Ceramic brushes are those that either have a barrel made entirely of ceramic or have a ceramic plating around a metal barrel. They’re best used for long and/or damaged hair because they distribute heat evenly through vents and/or holes in the brush.

·      Tourmaline – also called ion – brushes release negative ions, helping to reduce static electricity aka frizz.

Products we love: Ergo ceramic brushes for styling and the Wet Brush for wet hair or extensions.


Tip 3: There’s a reason blow dry bars have taken the nation by storm in recent years. Who doesn’t appreciate a good blow out? The look gives an air of simple yet refined elegance, but it doesn’t come without risk of damaging your hair. ­­­­A quality blow dryer and the right products are necessary to keep your hair glowing and amply moisturized.

Products we love: Moroccan Oil Blow Dryer, Oribe Royal Blow Out Heat Styling Spray, Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Creme and the DevaDryer & DevaFuser


Tip 4: If you’re a curly girly and prefer the straight look, a flat iron is likely part of your daily routine. That’s great! Conversely, if your hair is straight and you prefer a little zhush from time to time, you’re likely to use a curling iron. Also great! The same principle applies to both types of iron. Protect your hair from heat!


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